The difference in Backpack Guitar

As a person that loves backpacker and music at the same time, you must need special guitar that will let you to have great tones but you still can save your guitar from any hit that may occur in your middle way in travelling especially hiking and going to beach. Those two things have been common hobby now and some people cannot leave guitar for their music when they are traveling. It is indeed true since most of people who love music will bring their music to everywhere they stay. That is why traveler or backpacker has their own version of guitar. It is called backpack guitar. Many industries have been seeing this as potential segment and now there have been many kinds of backpacker guitars that will let people who love backpacker and music at the same time have special offer and options for their lovely things.

Tones and sounds

Although traveling guitar has different design that is more solid and compact, you don’t need to be doubt on sounds and tones as it offers great tones. With good customization, you will get great tones and sounds. No matter you will play jazz song, pop song and country song, you will see and play your own customizations. No matter how the price is, when you have loved a thing, price should not be a matter for you. That is why buying different guitar will be fine if you really love music and you love your current guitar.

Like the other guitar, traveling or backpacker guitar has two versions in common. There is electric and acoustic that can be good options when you are going to outside. The cost is various too. It is ranging from $200 up to $1000 depending on how much compact the design is because it really differs the quality and the toughness of the design but the tones are same and great.