Knowing about the Accessories of the Pax2

The vaporizer is sold with accessories. They will help us in using it better and properly. Generally, we will get something on the package. We can see what we will get when we buy the new vaporizer.

The accessories from the Pax2

The new version of the vaporizer which is Pax2 is available with several accessories when we buy it. We get Pax2 vaporizer colors. The flat mouthpiece is available in variety colors. We can choose between red, white, silver, or blue. And all the colors will are made in metallic colors which make the vaporizer shiny. Then, the package is available in a pack of three screens. It is recommended to buy the one that one. Then, the vaporizer is sold with flat and raised mouthpieces. Then, we can get AC adapter too. Besides that, there is replacement oven lid. A cleaning kit is sold on the package too. It will help us to clean the unit properly and it will damage it because we do not clean it with theproper tool. The last accessory is the USB charger. It will help us to get replacement when we forget to bring it.

The custom accessories

The Pax2 vaporizer is known as the new version and another benefit from it as thenew version is that we can have customer accessories. It is the venture of the manufacturer-made accessories. We will get neat accessories from the customers. We can get a zippered case. It will allow us to put the vaporizer properly while we store and transport it. Then, it will be able to be with a loading tool. There is also the cleaning rod. The vented oven lid is available on the customer made vaporizer. We can get water adapters when we buy the customer made.