Referral Bonus as the Authorized Sbobet Agent or also known as Agen sbobet terpercaya in Indonesia offers a very interesting place of betting. This website which puts football match as the priority gives what the football fans need. In this website, we are not only able to bet on a match, but also get the information about the match. The news about upcoming match is very important for football better. The betters should know the current force of both of the teams that will play. It happens because in football betting, the bet is not only about win, draw, or lose. The bet includes the score too. It will add the money if we win the bet.

The bonus

In this online betting website, we need to be a member to put money on our favorite football team. The procedure of the registration is not hard. We only need to fulfill the form. In becoming a member, we can get a bonus too. Besides bonus from as new member, we can get additional bonus which happens if we recommend this website to friend. It is called referral bonus. The percentage of the bonus is about 50 percent. However, the maximum deposit which we can get is about Rp. 100.000. This kind of bonus is available in most of the games, except Bola Tangkas, Poker, and Togal. The bonus will be send to the deposit with certain condition. It will happen if our friends who get recommendation about this website have done at least one transaction, such as deposit, minimum Rp. 50.000. Then, we can withdraw the deposit of this bonus after we have one turnover with among of it as much as the bonus. This bonus will give us more when we can bring more friends to play and become regulars.