Resound Box with Buy SoundCloud Plays

Resound Box with Buy SoundCloud Plays

SoundCloud for WordPress

  • If you’re running a WordPress hosted blog, simply click the WordPress option under any sound’s share button.
  • You’ll be provided with a ‘short-code’ to copy/paste into your post.
  • Alternatively, you can grab the standard embed code to add to your blog’s html.

Fans can like and leave timed comments directly within the widget on your artist website, if they’re logged into SoundCloud at the time. The embedded widget will automatically update itself when new sounds are added to a set on SoundCloud.

Premiere App

Premiere offers a simple but visually appealing presentation of a new release on your artists’ sites, to maximize viral and sale potential.

  • A large play button in the middle of the player slides to the left and reveals the set list when clicked.
  • Premiere is open sourced and needs the help of a developer to deploy.


  • The Stratus player lives at the bottom (or top) of your site and allows visitors to listen while exploring your site.
  • Stratus is open sourced and needs the help of a developer to deploy.

Custom Players

With the help of a developer (or tech savvy friend) you can build your own custom experience, powered by SoundCloud. Head over to for more information on how to use our API to build your own custom player.

At this or any other stage, you may decide to buy SoundCloud plays.

Web / Mobile

  • Virb: Perfect for building your own site quickly and easily while including your sounds from SoundCloud. (
  • Onesheet: Showcase your work simply and include one sound from SoundCloud. (
  • BandPage: Connect your sounds so you can showcase your artists across the web. (

Mobile Roadie: Reach your fans anywhere, anytime, by pulling your music from SoundCloud to a mobile app. No developer necessary. (