app store optimization

App Store Optimization as A Most Used Benefit

Most Used Solution

App store optimization is still becoming the most used solution I order to boost our app’s rating in the app store hence it will appears more often than other apps. There are many reasons why people incline to use app store optimization besides getting to the top list of the app store. Well, of course, the main purpose is to make our app appears in the app store’s top rank apps but what the app developers seek is the benefits that they will derive by being on the app store’s top rank apps. The first benefit in being in the top rank is the high visibility. High visibility means that our app will be more “visible” to the people who are searching for an app in the app store. Although those people are not looking for our app, they will certainly see our app since it will appear automatically when they open the app store.

Second Benefit

The second benefit in being in the top rank is the increased number of the download hits. With a good app’s title and app’s description, people will be interested to look to our app’s page and try our app by hitting the download button. This is why people cannot dispense with app store optimization effort since the all of the benefits that they will get. There are actually many type of app store optimization efforts where one of them has been mentioned which is to create an attracting app’s title and app’s description. It maybe is a simple thing but having a good app’s title and app’s description is one of the main selling points of an app which can make people intrigued to try our app. In conclusion, being in the app store’s top list is important where it can yield exceptional benefits for us, the app developers.